Lecturer at the Spanish High School “Vicente Cañada Blanch”, 2012-2013

Teacher at the Young for Film Academy, London - 2014-2016

My responsibilities include to devise and run filmmaking workshops for children aged between 8 and 16 (from conception to postproduction). Each workshop is specifically designed for the needs of the students and the academies/schools that host it.

Teacher at the London Film School Editing Summer Workshop, Summer 2014.

My responsibilities include to oversee the postproduction workflow from injection to delivery, to analyze both the script and the film rushes from an editing point of view: who's story is it? Why the director of the film shot the coverage he/she shot? How could I use the coverage best to make the most out of the drama?, and to edit short dramatic pieces: which angle is best to engage the audience in the drama? How's the rhythm of the film? Is the cut moving the story forward?

Postproduction Coordinator Cinema en Curs, Galicia 2018

Masterclass ‘The path is also a place’, VII Primavera do Cine de Vigo Film Festival, 2018

Masterclass ‘The face as the first interpellation’, II Cormorán Film Festival, A Coruña, 2018

Conference Cinefórum Ateneo de Vigo, Espacio Cubo, 2020

An introduction to the work of Abbas Kiarostami.

Guest Lecturer at the London Film School, London - Winter 2021

My responsibilities include to follow, give feedback and reflect upon the editing process of the Term 1 films produced every term

Masterclass ‘My debut film’ + Directing Actors Workshop, 32Historias Film School, Almeria, 2021

Acting Training Workshop, Drama School AM, Vigo, 2021.