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BA in Audiovisual Communication (Hons)

2004 - 2008, Vigo University, Spain.

Theatre Studies

2008 - 2009, North Park University, Chicago.

Practical Filmmaking Certificate

2009 - 2010, Met Film School, London.

MA Filmmaking (Hons)

2010 - 2012, The London Film School, London.



Music Studies

1994 - 2006, Mayeusis Conservatory, Vigo, Spain.

Jazz Course with pianist Carlos Segovia.

2004, Proyecto Combo.

DFFB - LFS Talent Exchange

2013, 63rd Berlinale Film Festival.

Filmmaking workshop with Abbas Kiarostami

2015, Black Factory Cinema, Barcelona.

Editing workshop with Mick Audsley

​2016, Fest Film Lab, London.

Film Theory workshop with Pedro Costa

2016, La Plantación, Spain.

Techniques for Directing Non-actors with Scandar Copti

2018, Fest Film Lab, London.

Filmmaking workshop with Jaime Rosales

2019, La Plantación, Spain.

Editing Social Realism workshop with Jonathan Morris & Ken Loach

2021, Fest Film Lab, London.



Lecturer at the Spanish High School “Vicente Cañada Blanch”, 2012-2013

Teacher at the Young for Film Academy, London - 2014-2016

My responsibilities included to devise and run filmmaking workshops for children aged between 8 and 16.

Teacher at the London Film School Editing Summer Workshop, Summer 2014

My responsibilities included to analyze both the script and the film rushes from an editing point of view as well as to oversee the postproduction workflow from injection to delivery.

Masterclass ‘The path is also a place’

VII Primavera do Cine de Vigo Film Festival, 2018

Masterclass ‘The face as the first interpellation’

II Cormorán Film Festival, A Coruña, 2018

An introduction to the work of Abbas Kiarostami

Conference Cinefórum Ateneo de Vigo, Espacio Cubo, 2020

Guest Lecturer at the London Film School, London - Winter 2021

My responsibilities include to follow, give feedback and reflect upon the editing process of the Term 1 films.

Masterclass ‘Working with actors’

Drama School AM, Vigo, 2020

Masterclass ‘My debut film’ + Directing Actors Workshop (16hrs)

32Historias Film School, Almeria, 2021

Directing Actors Workshop (16hrs)

Drama School AM, Vigo, 2021

Moderator ‘In the mind of creation’ (Guests: Carla Simón, Celia Rico, Pablo Berger, Neus Ballús...)

CREA MasterClass Series, 2021 & 2022

Script Mentoring Tutor

FilmLab_Lac6, Asturias, 2022-2024

Project Tutor

ConectaLab CREA, Galicia, 2022-2024

Encontro 'A cor das palabras' - O goce de ir mais aló

Cinema NUMAX, Santiago de Compostela, 2023

Masterclass ‘The creative process behind Matria'

EFTI, Centro Internacional de Fotografía y Cine, Madrid, 2023

Masterclass ‘More street, less desk'

London Film School, London, 2023

Masterclass ‘From short to long. On constant alert'

MOMAV, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, 2023

Guest Lecturer at the Santiago de Compostela University (USC)

Real Academia Galega, 'Galego sen fronteiras', 2023

Masterclass 'The creative process'

LENS, Escuela de Artes Visuales, 2023

Talk 'The Film Industry: a visible and invisible source of wealth'

ECOBAS (Economics and Business Administration for Society), 2023

Filming with Álvaro Gago. Directing Actors Workshop (16hrs)

Sala AzArte, Madrid, 2023

Directing Tutor

La Residencia Navarra, 2024.


Mother tongues: Spanish and Galician.

Fluent in English (Cambridge & TOEFL Certificates) & Italian.

High level in Portuguese.

High level in French.



2019 MFI Script 2 Film Workshop

2019 Abycine Lanza

2019 L’Alternativa Mentoring

2019 CineMed From Short to Long

2019-2020 La Incubadora (The Screen)

2020 TIFF Filmmaker Lab

2021 Berlinale Co-production Market

2021 III Foro de Coproducciones Europeas del Festival de cine Europeo de Sevilla

2022 Film Independent & HFPA Residency (Los Angeles)

2022 D’A Film Lab

2022 C EU Soon del Mia Market (Screen International Buyers’ Choice Award)

2023 Programa Rueda Academia de Cine


Postproduction Coordinator

Cinema en Curs, Galicia 2018

Board Member

CREA - Galician Director's Association


Galician Film Academy


Spanish Film Academy


International Jury Member

20º Maremetraggio Shorts International Film Festival Trieste, Italy, 2019

International Jury Member

6º Novos Cinemas, Spain, 2021

International Jury Member

VI Mostra Int. de Cinema Documental Mares da Fin do Mundo, 2023

International Jury Member

35º Festival Int. De Cine de Aguilar de Campoo, 2023

Short Film Jury Member

17ª Ausgabe von cinEScultura (Regensburg)


Writer | Director


Endless Chicago Short Documentary, SD, 6’, 2008-2009, North Park Uni. (Chicago, US).

Doremi Short Film, HD, 20’, 2010, The Other Self (UK).

Curricán Short Film, 16mm, 16’, 2013, Sombriza Films (Spain) & LFS (UK).

Bombolles Short Film, HD, 2’, 2015, Black Factory Cinema (Spain).

Elo Short Documentary, HD, 31’, 2017, Sombriza Films (Spain).

Matria Short Film, Alexa, 20’, 2017, Sombriza Films (Spain).

16 de Decembro Short Film, Alexa, 15’, 2019, Sombriza Films (Sp.) & Ringo Media (Sp.).

Matria Feature Film, 99’, 2023, Matriuska (Sp.), Avalon (Sp.), Elástica Films (Sp.), Ringo Media (Sp).

Porto Alegre Feature Film, In development, Ringo Media (Sp), Sétima Cinema (Sp.)


Endless Chicago Documentary, SD, 6’, 2008-2009, prod. Álvaro Gago.

Doremi Short Film, HD, 20’, 2010, prod. The Other Self (UK).

Skin Short Documentary, HD, 18’, 2011, prod. LFS (UK), dir. Janina Vilsmaier.

Lipstick Short Film, 35mm, 9’, 2012, prod. LFS (UK), dir. Carla Simón.

Curricán Short Film, 16mm, 16’, 2013, Sombriza Films (Spain) & LFS (UK).

Las pequeñas Cosas Short Film, RED, 27’, 2014, Inicia Films (Spain), dir. Carla Simón.

Thieves Short Film, Sony F55, 21’, 2014, prod. LFS (UK), dir. Sandra Tabet.

Dilip’s Castle Short Film, BlackMagic, 18’, 2014, prod. LFS (UK), dir. Manos Ioannou.

No Strings Short Film, Alexa, 25’, 2014, prod. LFS (UK), dir. Eoin Maher.

Eleven Short Documentary, Canon C300, 23’, 2014, prod. Mihalis Monemvasiotis, dir. Miguel Gago.

Bombolles Short Film, Canon 5D, 3’, 2015, prod. Black Factory Cinema (Spain).

Bird songs Short Film, Red Epic, 24’, 2015, prod. LFS, dir. Harry Bracho.

Bristles Short Film, Alexa, 15’, 2015, prod. My Lovely Productions, dir. Danielle Arden.

Sorelle Povere di Santa Chiara Short Film, 16mm, 12’, 2015, prod. Temporal Films.

Palmira Documentary, HD, 40’, 2016, prod. & dir. Diana Gonçalves.

Seeds Short Film, Alexa, 13’, 2016, prod. Noor Lawson, dir. Guillaume Fradin.

Elo Short Documentary, HD, 31’, 2017, prod. Sombriza Films (Spain).

Matria Short Film, Alexa, 20’, 2017, prod. Sombriza Films (Spain).

Trote Feature Film, Alexa, 80’, 2017, prod. Frida Films, dir. Xacio Baño.

In Memoriam Feature Film, HD, 75’, 2018, prod. Freews, dir. Marcos Merino.

Conte Trencat Short Film, Red Epic, 17’, 2019, prod. RingoMedia, dir. Miguel Gago.

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